Agfa SnapScan Touch LDTU6000 Flatbed USB Scanner (PC/Mac)

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Agfa SnapScan Touch LDTU6000 Flatbed USB Scanner (PC/Mac) Description Agfa’s revolutionary SnapScan Touch USB scanner is operated by four super-intelligent buttons. Just one touch automatically scans images and text directly into your favorite programs. You’ll get speed, simplicity, and perfect results every time, with nothing to learn and no confusing menu settings. Press individual buttons to attach your scan to an e-mail, send it directly to your printer, or convert it to editable text. You can even reconfigure each button to do exactly what you want by selecting from an extensive list of actions. Pressing the fourth, big button opens the intuitive ScanWise interface, giving you an accurate preview of your images and full access to all settings for interactive scanning. The SnapScan Touch USB scanner sets unchallenged standards in one-touch scanning. Its 68-billion-color sensitivity and 600 x 1200 dpi sharpness leave no doubts about top quality. Designed in landscape format to leave you more room on your desktop, and supplied with seven interchangeable handles in tasty colors, the SnapScan Touch is truly in a class of its own. Review Agfa’s SnapScan Touch may as well have been called the scanner for dummies – you don’t need any scanning experience to create good-looking scans within minutes of yanking the flatbed out of the box. The touch-button hardware design, coupled with intuitive software, makes scanning simple. The four-button paw on the top corner of the scanner comes preconfigured for four separate functions. You can scan an image into the scanning software for editing, scan and send an image directly to your printer, scan a text document directly into a word processor, or scan an image and attach it to a new email that it creates. If none of these options really matches your scanning needs, you can reconfigure the three smaller buttons to perform other tasks – like scanning an image directly into a Web browser – on the fly. Once you’ve scanned your image into the scanner’s ScanWise software, you can opt for the guided tour or go ahead and figure out the process on your own. The software is organized into four logically ordered tabs that ask you to select the type of image you’re scanning (glossy photo, magazine, and so on), select a destination for the image (Photoshop, AppleWorks, and so forth), tweak image settings, and then set the dimensions at which you want the image to appear. Finally, you press the big red Scan button, and you’re good to go. The entire process is extremely straightforward. In the Image Control panel, you’re allowed to adjust image settings manually with slider controls or click a box to activate ScanWise’s PhotoGenie, which is supposed to optimize the detail and color balance of your image. Although PhotoGenie helps some images (slightly), it actually makes others look worse. If you have the time and are willing to experiment, your best bet is to play with the settings until you get results that look good to you. If you have Photoshop, you can get even better results with the program’s more advanced tools. The nondescript beige scanner gets a dash of color from removable handles that attach to the ice-colored lid. The scanner ships with handles in any of the five iMac fruit flavors – though there’s no graphite choice yet. It also comes bundled with MicroFrontier’s Color It Image editing software and Caere’s OmniPage LE 5.1 OCR software, which lets you scan text easily into editable documents. The SnapScan Touch has a scanning area of 8.5 by 11.7 inches, an adequate maximum resolution of 600 by 1,200 ppi (which it can interpolate up to 9,600 ppi), and 36-bit color depth. The pictures we scanned looked great. Although the color reproductions weren’t dead-on compared to the originals, they were very close – good enough for most home projects. The Agfa SnapScan Touch’s low price, simple software, convenient scanning buttons, and quality output make it a solid buy anyone could appreciate. — Nikki Echler Good News: Inexpensive. Easy-to-use scanning software. Great-looking scans. Bad News: You can reconfigure three of the buttons, but you can’t change their icons – a nitpicky complaint. ©1999 MacAddict — From MacAddict — Subscribe now!

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