Ion iSC08 Document Scanner

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Ion iSC08 Document Scanner Description

When you need something scanned you don’t want to wait for a computer to start up, hunt for a cable and then have to figure out how to work the software. ION DocuScan solves this problem and gives you a one-touch, stand-alone solution for converting all your photos and documents to digital files directly to an SD card. DocuScan’s slim, sleek design is a perfect addition to any home, office or dorm room. Alternatively, DocuScan’s SD card support and portable design gives you the flexibility to scan remotely without the need of a computer. An adjustable paper feeder gives you the convenience of setting the most commonly used photo sizes (3×5, 4×6, 6×8) for quick, accurate conversion. You can scan documents up to standard letter sizes of 8′ x 11′ in both color and black-and-white. DocuScan’s high-resolution 300 DPI scanning ability ensures you will not lose any quality during the conversion process and the included ‘paper sleeve’ protects your originals while scanning. With DocuScan, what you scan is preserved perfectly in digital form and will never deteriorate like paper photos and documents. With DocuScan, you can monitor your scanned images and documents immediately after being scanned with DocuScan’s integrated 2.4′ LCD screen with zoom and rotate functions. Share your photos easily by ejecting the SD card and inserting it into any compatible reader such as a digital photo frame, mobile phone or computer. Connect DocuScan directly to a Mac or PC computer, without the need of drivers, with the included USB cable. Just plug-in and drag-and-drop your files over to your computer for archival or uploading to the internet. With preset photo sizes, high-resolution 300 DPI scanning and one-touch, stand-alone operation, DocuScan gives you the simplest, most flexible, method of updating all your photos from the past and preserving any documents for the future. Whatever you want to scan and wherever you want to scan it, DocuScan is ready when you are.

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