Penpower Chinese Expert (Pen Scanner Edition)

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Penpower Chinese Expert (Pen Scanner Edition) Description

Product Description Pen power chinese expert pen usb. Break down the barriers of communication with the Penpower Chinese Expert pen scanner. With one easy learning tool, you’ll have the power to quickly scan any document into the Penpower Chinese Expert program and simultaneously have access to incredible features such as reading, writing, translating, listening, and speaking in Chinese. Via a mini ScanEYE pen scanner and a simple USB port, three easy-to-use interfaces break down Chinese documents utilizing the functions of Penpower Chinese Expert Chinese-English Translation Interface, Sentence Segmentation Interface, and Phrase Database Management. Together these amazing features make the process of learning Chinese both faster and easier. This software recognizes more than 13,000 traditional Chinese characters and 6,700 simplified Chinese characters in both horizontal and vertical alignment, and provides pronunciation and phrase structures of texts. The Penpower Chinese Expert software utilizes intelligent syntax technology, allowing you to listen to correct pronunciation of characters or whole sentences. You can also record live pronunciations from fluent Chinese speakers for review. Reading Chinese becomes as easy as scanning text from books, newspapers, or magazines. The software will help you pinpoint unknown Chinese characters, their radicals and strokes, and their meaning in English. You’ll also be able to take quick quizzes on your PC to polish up your spoken Chinese, learn to write any Chinese character in the correct stroke order, and translate words, phrases, or sentences easily from Chinese to English or vice versa. The Penpower Chinese Expert pen scanner is the first step in becoming fluent. It comes backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. What’s in the Box Penpower Chinese Expert scan and translation pen, software CD, user’s manual, and registration card.

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